The human body contains some four million sweat glands, used to regulate body temperature. There are a variety of factors which can provoke sweat production, from heat and exercise to stress. But some people may find that this perspiration is greater than necessary and unrelated to external factors. This is known as axillary hyperhidrosis.

Axillary Hyperhidrosis : Treatments for Excessive Underarm Perspiration.
Dr. Richard Diacakis, plastic surgeon in Paris, uses three types of interventions to treat excessive underarm sweating : 

  • Surgical intervention by incision
  • Botulinum toxin injection
  • Liposuction

Treating Axillary Hyperhidrosis
through Surgical Incision

Before treatment
Dr. Diacakis will receive you at his practice for a diagnostic consultation and preoperative check-up. This operation is always performed on an outpatient basis and may be performed under local or general anaesthesia. Patients receiving a general anaesthetic must consult with the anaesthesiologist at least 48 hours prior to the operation. Patients should abstain from medications containing aspirin in the ten days leading up to the operation. 

Surgery Procedure
Dr. Diacakis makes an incision in the axillary hollow and removes a selection of sweat glands. Dr. Diacakis uses this technique carefully, removing a minimal number of glands and limiting the intervention to a small area. This procedure is helpful for patients suffering from excessive sweating under the arms.

Post Surgery to Treat Axillary Hyperhidrosis
In the first few days after surgery, patients are advised to rest and refrain from strenuous activity. Patients may experience swelling or bruising. These should disappear in a few days.
Scars may appear pink in the first few weeks after the operation.

Treating Axillary Hyperhidrosis
through Injections of Botulinum Toxin

botulinum toxin injection
We can temporarily limit sweating through the injection of Botox©, which blocks nerve signals to the sweat glands in the armpits or palms of the hands.

Before Treatment Involving Botox©
Dr. Diacakis will receive you at his practice for a diagnostic consultation. Dr. Diacakis will inform you of the treatment procedure and provide you with recommendations to follow.
Patients are not required to fast on the day of the injection, but should refrain from consuming alcohol.
Patients should not take aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs in the ten days prior to the procedure, to minimize the risk of bleeding.  

How Botulinum Toxin Injections Work
This procedure is performed at Dr. Diacakis’ office. We may apply an anaesthetic cream (sold in pharmacies) an hour before the procedure in order to minimize discomfort.
Dr. Diacakis performs a series of injections in the armpits or on the palms of the hands. The needle is particularly fine; Botox© injections are not very painful.  

Post Treatment Using Botulinum Toxin

Patients are able to resume normal activity immediately after the treatment. We do recommend avoiding intensive sports activities in the two hours following an injection of botulinum toxin. Patients should also avoid massages or manipulations of the treated area for 48 hours after the session.

Patients may experience slight swelling for periods of twenty to thirty minutes; this will disappear. Effects take hold four days after the injections.  


Treating Axillary Hyperhidrosis
through Liposuction

Dr. Diacakis performs superficial liposuction of the axillary hollow to dissolve sweat glands in the area. This technique is used less than other treatments because it is considered less effective, but does have the benefit of avoiding scarring and destroying hair follicles; this procedure also prevents hair regrowth. The operation is less precise than other treatments due to low visibility for the surgeon during the procedure.

Dr. Diacakis, your axillary hyperhidrosis professional in Paris

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