Breast ptosis : Presentation

Breast ptosis corresponds to a sagging of the breast, due to a progressive decrease in the volume of the glandular contents. This is called sagging, distended breasts. This physiological phenomenon increases progressively with age.

It can be favoured by significant weight loss, often during pregnancy. Ptosis can also be associated with breast hypertrophy or atrophy, or asymmetry.

The treatment of a breast ptosis or breast lift is a surgical procedure that allows the breast to be lifted, reshaped and reshaped by removing excess skin and condensing the mammary gland.
This procedure is often associated with the installation of breast implants to give more tone and shape to the breasts.

This operation is a cosmetic surgery procedure, no social security coverage is possible so no sick leave can be prescribed.

Before a breast
lift operation

 Before a breast ptosis, preoperative examinations are prescribed by Doctor Diacakis, a plastic surgeon in Paris (blood test, ECG, mammogram) as well as a sports bra without underwire which must be worn for 4 to 6 weeks. 
A consultation with the anaesthetist is obligatory and must take place at least 48 hours before the operation. You will be asked to wash your body and hair with betadine the day before and the morning of the operation.
You will have to fast (without drinking, eating or smoking) 6 hours before the operation.
It is very important to stop smoking 1 month before and 1 month after the operation to avoid any risk of skin and/or areolar necrosis. 

Any medication containing aspirin must be banned 2 weeks before.
It is necessary to rest for 10 days after the operation.

What happens during a
breast lift operation ?

On the morning of the operation Dr Diacakis, a plastic surgeon in Paris, makes drawings and measurements that will serve as reference points during the operation. Photos are systematically taken.
The scar is most often in the shape of an inverted T.
The operation requires general anaesthesia.
A mammary ptosis treatment requires lifting the areola and nipple, removing excess skin and concentrating the mammary gland in order to shape a toned and harmonious breast.

A scar is therefore unavoidable, most often in the form of an inverted T-shaped scar with 3 parts :

  • A circular scar around the areola, on the border of the two skin colours of the areola and the breast.
  • A vertical scar from the areola to the breast fold. This scar, which “bars” the breast, is the one that will evolve the fastest and is generally not visible after 1 year.
  •  A horizontal scar located in the mammary fold.

When correcting a ptosis, “lifting a breast”, the breast is much smaller because the gland is concentrated on itself. 
It is often necessary to compensate for the lost volume with a breast implant if the patient wishes to maintain the original volume. 
This operation lasts 1h30 to 3 hours depending on the work.
Hospitalisation is generally 24 hours.

After a breast
lift operation

The discomfort is moderate and normal activities can be resumed after seven days. A week’s rest is mandatory, especially if an implant has been inserted (see breast augmentation with a shell prosthesis). Doctor Richard Diacakis, a plastic surgeon in Paris, systematically puts in suction drains in order to reduce the risk of haematoma and shell in case of associated prostheses. The drains will be removed the day after the operation at the same time as the dressing. The bra will then be put on with the surgeon to check that it fits properly. After breast ptosis, a shower is possible on the second day, preferably with Betadine. The breasts are swollen especially during the first month. Sports activities can be resumed after 4 to 6 weeks. 

The telephone numbers of the clinic, the practice, the anaesthetist and the surgeon will be given to you. Check-ups will be carried out at 8 days (essential), 15 days, 1 month, 2-3 months, 6 months, 1 year and every year. Of course these consultations are free of charge.

It is recommended that you wear the support bra for 4 to 6 weeks. The sensitivity of the areolas and the breastfeeding function are often preserved but can be altered depending on the extent of the ptosis to be corrected.
The scars may become pinkish or darker than the skin (depending on the initial skin colour) from the fourth week after the operation. This inflammatory reaction gradually fades away from the third month onwards.
The risks of skin necrosis are very rare and are favoured by smoking. It is then asked to stop smoking 1 month before and 1 month after the operation. In all cases, patients will be monitored during the year following the operation, in order to ensure the proper evolution of the scarring. 

It is not advisable to become pregnant during the 12 months after the operation so as not to alter the aesthetic result.

Results of a breast
lift operation

It is obtained from one month onwards but the breasts only take on their final shape after three to six months.
The result of the scars can only be judged after 1 year.
It is an operation that gives excellent aesthetic results, a significant psychological contribution and almost immediate relief of back and neck pain. 

The price of a breast lift

The price of the consultation for a breast ptosis with Doctor Richard DIACAKIS plastic surgeon in Paris is 100 euros.

The price of the operation depends on many factors which will be defined in consultation.

This operation is most often cosmetic, it is then neither reimbursed by the social security nor by the complementary mutual insurance company.

During the consultation you will be given an estimate including :

  • The clinic’s costs (operating theatre costs, accommodation in a single room)
  • Surgeon’s fees
  • The anaesthetist’s fees
  • Assistance costs
  • The application of 20% VAT on all services

Only the first consultation is charged. All other pre- or post-operative consultations are free of charge without any notion of time.

For all cosmetic surgery the patient has a minimum reflection period of 15 days.


Dr Diacakis, your breast lift professional in Paris

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