Breast augmentation by lipofilling : Presentation

Breast augmentation by lipofilling of the breasts is a surgical procedure designed to remove fat cells from the patient and inject them into the breast in order to increase its volume or to correct an asymmetry or to perfect the result of a breast augmentation with prostheses.
It is important to know that a breast is essentially made up of a gland and fat. 

Very often breast lipofilling is associated with liposculpture, which makes it possible to take advantage of general anaesthesia to reshape the silhouette and thus recover the fat necessary for breast lipofilling.
Breast lipofilling makes it possible to gain a bra cup. It is possible to carry out several operations at intervals of at least 3 to 6 months to achieve a larger bust. 

Before a lipofilling
breast augmentation operation

 Certain conditions are necessary before a breast augmentation by lipofilling of the breasts to avoid the risk of a coincidence with breast cancer :

  • No personal or family history of breast cancer.
  • Have a mammogram and ultrasound preoperatively and postoperatively at 1 year.

During the consultation, Dr Richard Diacakis, a plastic surgeon in Paris, will perform a clinical examination to make sure there are no abnormalities. 
A preoperative check-up will be prescribed as well as a sports bra without underwire to be worn for 4 to 6 weeks.
A consultation with the anaesthetist is obligatory and must take place at least 48 hours before the operation. The anaesthetist will ask you to wash your body and hair with betadine the day before and the morning of the operation.
You will have to fast (without drinking, eating or smoking) 6 hours before the operation.
It is very important to stop smoking 1 month before and 1 month after the operation to allow a better fat “graft”. 

Any medication containing aspirin must be banned 2 weeks before the operation. It is necessary to rest for 10 days after the operation. 

Procedure for a breast lipofilling operation or
breast augmentation by fat injection

On the morning of the operation, Dr Richard Diacakis, an aesthetic surgeon in Paris, will make drawings which will serve as reference points during the operation on the breasts and on the silhouette according to what will have been decided in consultation.
Photos are systematically taken.
The operation requires a general anaesthetic and a 24 hour hospitalisation.
The micro-incisions (1 to 3mm) are hidden in the fold of the arm and in the fold under the breast.
The operation lasts between 1 to 3 hours depending on what is planned.
Dr Richard Diacakis, a plastic surgeon in Paris, injects the fat into the different layers of tissue (subcutaneous, glandular, muscular, sub-muscular) in order to increase the contact surface between the injected fat cells and the recipient tissue. This allows for a better fat graft and thus, to obtain a sufficient breast augmentation according to the patient’s desire.
The objective is usually to fill the hollow on the top of the breasts and to obtain a breast augmentation of one cup.
A blunt bandage will be applied in the operating theatre and removed the following day.
There is no drain.

After a breast
lipofilling operation 

The outing is usually the next morning.
It is necessary to plan a rest of 8 to 10 days.
There are frequent bruises for about 2 weeks.
The pain is greater in the areas that have been aspirated than in the breasts because breast augmentation by lipofilling is often not very painful.
Painkillers adapted to each individual will be prescribed.

Result of a breast
lipofilling operation 

The final result of a breast augmentation by lipofilling is obtained at 6 months but is visible, pretty and harmonious from the second month.
The result is natural, definitive and satisfactory.
A very natural and often sufficient curvature and projection can be obtained.
If the patient wishes a more important breast augmentation it is possible, after 6 months, to carry out a second operation. 

The price of a breast
lipofilling operation

The price of the consultation for a breast augmentation by lipofilling with Doctor Richard DIACAKIS, plastic surgeon in Paris is 100 euros.  

The price of the operation depends on many factors which will be defined in consultation.

This operation is most often cosmetic, and is therefore neither reimbursed by social security nor by the complementary mutual insurance company.

During the consultation you will be given an estimate including :

  • The clinic’s costs (operating theatre costs, accommodation in a single room)
  • Surgeon’s fees
  • The anaesthetist’s fees
  • Assistance costs
  • The application of 20% VAT.

Only the first consultation is charged. All other pre- or post-operative consultations are free of charge without any notion of time.

For all cosmetic surgery the patient has a minimum reflection period of 15 days.

Dr Diacakis, your breast lipofilling professional in Paris

If you would like more information about breast augmentation by lipofilling, please do not hesitate to contact Dr Diacakis, a plastic surgeon in Paris, via the contact form.
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