“Inverted” nipples are those that may seem invisible. They’re created by a retraction of the nipple due to shortness of the galactophoric ducts, through which secretions flow during breastfeeding. The shortness of these canals draws the nipple inwards.
Inverted nipples can complicate breastfeeding, and may have repercussions on a patient’s sexual life.

What is inverted nipple surgery ?

Dr. Richard Diacakis, plastic surgeon in Paris, has experience performing surgery on inverted nipples through the cutting of galactophoric canals under the nipple. Cutting the canals allows the nipple to relax and “open.” To avoid recurrence, Dr. Diacakis removes two small flaps from the areola and places them between the nipple and the mammary gland. This prevents the ducts from reconnecting and stabilizes definitive results. To keep the nipple erect, its base is tightened with a frame stitch.

Prior to Inverted Nipple Surgery

Patients will see Dr. Diacakis for a consultation, during which he will perform a pre-operative check-up and will take medical photographs. Women over 35 years old or who have risk factors for breast cancer will also receive a preoperative mammogram.

The cost of this operation may be partially covered by social security and/or health insurance. Dr. Diacakis will provide you with an estimate to be sent to your health insurance company.

Inverted Nipple Surgery Procedure

This procedure is quick (about 30 to 45 minutes long) and performed on an outpatient basis; patients are not hospitalized for more than one day. We typically perform this operation using a local, neuroleptic-analgesia anaesthetic. We are able to perform the operation under general anaesthesia if the patient so desires.

Post Inverted Nipple Surgery

Patients are typically provided with medical leave for a rest period of one to three days.
The results of this operation are immediate. A scab may form in the days following the operation; the use of Vaseline will help this to quickly heal. A small bandage is placed and removed 24 hours after the operation. Stitches fall out on their own 10 to 15 days later. Patients may begin showering the day after the operation. Any discomfort is minimal and easily relieved through simple analgesics.

Inverted Nipple Surgery Results

Patients may notice a decrease in nipple sensitivity. This operation does not affect a patient’s ability to perform breast monitoring mammographies.
Patients should avoid becoming pregnant in the year after the operation in order to give the nipple time to recover the ability to breastfeed (which may be possible in some cases). The flap technique used in this operation provides us with excellent results and an extremely low rate of recurrence. Final results become visible one month after the operation. The appearance of scars will become definitive after one year.

Inverted Nipple Operation Costs

A consultation for inverted nipple surgery with Dr. Richard DIACAKIS is priced at 100 euros.

The price of an inverted nipple surgery varies according to a variety of factors, including the scale of the surgery, the clinic chosen, services desired, and the cost of any associated procedures.
During the preoperative consultation, Dr. Diacakis will prepare an estimate or notice of fees to be sent to social security and your health insurance company in the case that this operation may be financially covered. Your health insurance company or social security agent will call you to evaluate the merits of your claim before giving their approval.

During the consultation, you will receive an estimate including:

  • The cost of the clinic (operating theater fees, accommodation in a single room)
  • Surgeon fees
  • Anaesthetist fees
  • Assistance costs
  • Application of 20% VAT (in cases not covered by social security)

Only the first consultation is charged. Dr. Diacakis does not charge a fee on any other pre- or post-operative consultation.
For all cosmetic operations, patients are given a minimum reflection period of fifteen days.

Dr. Diacakis, your inverted nipple surgery professional in Paris

If you would like to receive more information about “umbilical nipple” surgery, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Diacakis through the contact form.
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