Medical rhinoplasty : Presentation

Thanks to scientific progress in recent years, we now have the medical means to correct aesthetic nasal anomalies or defects (anomalies) of surgical rhinoplasties (secondary rhinoplasties).

Indeed, aesthetic medicine today makes it possible to correct certain aesthetic defects of the nose and thus provide certain patients with sufficient correction without surgery.

The means used are essentially two :

  • Injections of fillers, mainly hyaluronic acid injections.
  • Suspension threads (Aptos).

The medical rhinoplasty carried out by Doctor Diacakis, an aesthetic surgeon in Paris, allows to correct :

  • A hollow at the level of the tip of the nose
  • A depression in the wings of the nose
  • A defect in the projection of the tip of the nose
  • Nasal swelling (sunken nose)
  • A depression giving the nose a deviated appearance
  • A falling point
  • And others to be defined in consultation.

Medical rhinoplasty is also indicated for patients who wish to make a slight alteration to the shape of their nose following surgical rhinoplasty.

Medical rhinoplasty
can only improve the aesthetic aspect and not the functional aspect of the nose. 

Before a
medical rhinoplasty

Dr. Diacakis, an aesthetic surgeon in Paris, will be able to orient and guide you in the choice of the technique, surgical or medical, most appropriate to your request.
A consultation is necessary before a rhinoplasty operation. Photographs can even be brought in order to precisely target the “points” that you are lacking.
Any medication containing aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs should be avoided. A homeopathic treatment with arnica is started a few days beforehand in order to minimise the risk of bruising.

Course of a
medical rhinoplasty

In the case of hyaluronic acid injections, they are given in the office, usually during the consultation. An anaesthetic cream is applied 20 minutes beforehand. The procedure is painless. The result is immediate.
In the case of suspension threads, a light local anaesthesia will be carried out at the office. Doctor Diacakis, an aesthetic surgeon in Paris, uses Aptos notched threads for this operation.

After a medical
rhinoplasty operation

Side effects are rare and transient.
If hyaluronic acid is injected, in the first few days after the injection, pain/burns/stinging, swelling and/or haematoma may occur as a result of the injection.
With suspension threads, the oedema may last longer, lasting 1 to 2 weeks.

The result of a
medical rhinoplasty

The result of medical rhinoplasty is visible immediately, for hyaluronic acid injections, and lasts between 12 and 18 months. It takes a few days for the product to take hold.
The result of the suspension threads is really visible from one month onwards, when the oedema has disappeared.

Medical rhinoplasty has very precise indications and is not a substitute for surgical rhinoplasty.

The price of a medical rhinoplasty

The price of the consultation of a medical rhinoplasty by Doctor Richard DIACAKIS aesthetic surgeon in Paris is 100 euros if no gesture is carried out during the consultation.

This operation is most often aesthetic. The medical rhinoplasty is then neither reimbursed by the social security nor by the complementary mutual insurance company.

During the consultation you will be given an estimate and a consent. A 20% VAT is applied to all services.

The result

Dr Diacakis, your medical rhinoplasty professional in Paris

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