Hand rejuvenation presentation

Rejuvenation of the hands through injections of hyaluronic acid injections or lipofilling .
Hands are eye-catching. They allow us to express ourselves and are considered part of a person’s appeal. Yet hands are also very used; they show the marks of the passing of time.
Dr. Diacakis, aesthetic surgeon in Paris, most frequently treats hands through injections of hyaluronic acid, rather than resorting to lipofilling. We consider the results to be more satisfactory (more homogeneous and natural) and more lasting. Hyaluronic acid injections also do not require hospitalization.

What cosmetic and surgical techniques are used to rejuvenate hands?
Cosmetic treatments and surgeries can provide solutions to hand ageing through effective and modern techniques.
The moisturising properties of hyaluronic acid restore skin volume, treat unsightly hollows, and diminish visible veins to provide smoother and more radiant-looking hands.
Hand lipofilling consists of injecting fat under the skin to fill in irregularities and restore skin’s glow.
Peeling treatments, which use  trichloroacetic acid (TCA) and are performed under a local anaesthetic, are frequently used to correct spots and wrinkles of the hands.
We also use pulsing and radiofrequency light to treat spots and fine lines, depending on a patient’s skin type.

Prior to Hand Rejuvenation Treatments

Patients see Dr. Richard Diacakis, plastic surgeon in Paris, at his office for a preoperative consultation. Dr. Diacakis will discuss your needs and advise you on appropriate techniques. Together you will decide the course of the operation. Dr. Diacakis will also provide you with an estimate of the costs of the procedure.

How does a hand rejuvenation procedure work?

Hyaluronic Acid Injections
Injections of hyaluronic acid allow us to treat the volume of the back of the hand. We can fill unsightly hollows and spaces between fingers in order to mask veins and tendons, making hands appear smoother, more radiant, and moisturized.
This procedure is short (about 30 minutes) and painless and practiced in our office. It leaves no scars. Dr. Diacakis may apply an anaesthetic cream prior to treatment.
Injections are made in interosseous spaces and are followed by a massage to distribute the hyaluronic acid throughout the back of the hand.

Post Hyaluronic Acid Injection Treatment
Results are immediate and last for more than two years. We may renew injections in order to obtain a more durable and long-lasting result.
Side effects are temporary and may include bruising and/or swelling.

Hand Peeling Treatments
This procedure lasts approximately half an hour and is performed using a local anaesthetic.
Hand peeling is recommended for patients with superficial stains and wrinkles on the back of their hands. We most often use trichloroacetic acid (TCA), which allows for a relatively light peel and comes with little to no risk.

Post Hand Peeling Treatments
The peel will result in a softer, more immaculate, and smoother skin. For optimal results, it is generally necessary to schedule 3 sessions, spaced one month apart. Patients should avoid sun exposure in the months after the procedure.

Radiofrequency Light Treatments
This procedure lasts approximately 1half an hour and is performed after the application of an anesthetic cream. An “ice cube”-like application, connected to a machine, allows us to treat spots and fine lines and provide a radiant look to the skin. For optimal results, it is generally necessary to schedule 3 sessions, spaced one month apart.  Patients should avoid sun exposure in the months after the procedure.

Hand Lipofilling
We use adipocyte grafting on the back of the hand to provide subcutaneous volume and give the hand a fleshy appearance while simultaneously diminishing the appearance of veins and extensor tendons on the back of the hand. The goal is not to make hands appear “pudgy,” but to create a layer of smooth fat under the skin.
This adipocyte graft is done through two small incisions in a strictly subcutaneous plane so as not to damage the veins or create irregularities. The injection must reach commissural spaces. Correction of the back faces of the fingers is less systematic and will only concern the first fingers.
The average amount of adipose tissue transplanted at this level is 10 to 15 ml per hand.

Post Hand Lipofilling Treatment
The side effects to this operation are very slight and include minimal scars of a few millimeters in length. Scarring heals very quickly, and the stitches are absorbable.
The final results of hand lipofilling become visible after one to three months.

Hand Rejuvenation Treatment Costs

A consultation for hand rejuvenation with Dr. Richard DIACAKIS is priced at 100 euros.
The cost of hyaluronic acid injections for hand rejuvenation treatments depends on the number of syringes required. The cost generally varies between 800 and 1500 euros.
The cost of a peel or radiofrequency light treatment is 500 euros.

Dr. Diacakis, your hand rejuvenation professional in Paris

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