Hair transplantation has undergone a major evolution in recent years with the arrival of new surgical techniques (FUE), which have practically replaced the surgical strip technique. Similarly, new medical techniques have allowed better hair regeneration with PRP, laser, mesotherapy and food supplements.

Hair transplants are available for both men and women.

The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique has made it possible, without scarring, in addition to hair transplants for men and women, to perform eyebrow transplants, beard transplants and hair transplants on visible scars of the scalp.

What is a hair transplant ?

A hair transplant consists of removing hair from the patient in the area of the “crown”, the area where the hair does not fall out, and reimplanting it in the bald area.

There are two techniques: the FUE technique, which consists of taking hair grafts or “hair by hair”, and the strip technique, which consists of taking a strip of hair which is then cut to obtain grafts ready to be implanted in the bald area.

cosmetic hair surgery


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