What is mesotherapy ?
Mesotherapy is a medical technique that consists of injecting active ingredients under the superficial layer of the skin using very fine needles, or cannulas. This injection allows for a precise and concentrated diffusion of the product, ensuring better efficiency. 

Goals of Facial Mesotherapy
Facial mesotherapy smoothes, tones, and lifts the skin by providing it with the nutrients it needs. The injections are performed locally and are not painful. 

Benefits of Facial Mesotherapy
From the very first session, patients will notice a radiant boost to their face. Mesotherapy slows the effects of ageing by improving the texture, density, hydration, and luminosity of your skin. Skin will appear better hydrated, more elastic, and smoother. Mesotherapy is often used as a complement to cosmetic surgery.

Which skin types should consider mesotherapy ?
Mesotherapy is particularly effective on wrinkled or slightly wrinkled skin, as well as on skin with fine lines. It improves skin which may appear slack and prevents the effects of ageing on all skin types. Mesotherapy allows us to obtain strong results on fine, dry, and tired skin, as well as on skin that may be damaged by sun exposure or tobacco use.

On what parts of the body can we use mesotherapy ?
Mesotherapy is typically performed on a patient’s face, under the eyes, on the neck, chest, or on the back of the hands. Mesotherapy nourishes the skin and stimulates cell growth.
Combined with injections of hyaluronic acid, mesotherapy is one of the few treatments capable of improving or even erasing dark circles and spots. Patients very often see results after the first session.

Mesotherapy : Procedure

Before the operation, patients will see Dr. Richard Diacakis, aesthetic surgeon in Paris, for a “facial diagnosis” consultation. Dr. Diacakis will examine your face and discuss your treatment with you. mesolift procedure typically lasts about twenty minutes. We may apply an anaesthetic cream to reduce sensitivity to the injections, but this procedure is not particularly painful. Dr. Diacakis uses a personalized technique which allows active ingredients to be deposited under the skin through a single injection point.  

What products are used in mesotherapy ?

Dr. Diacakis carefully selects a revitalizing mixture based on your individual skin type. Depending on your personal needs, he will select vitamins, elements, and materials that will stimulate microcirculation, oxygenation, and collagen production in your skin.
In most cases, Dr. Diacakis combines the mixture with injections of hyaluronic acid, in order to optimize results.  

How frequently should mesotherapy sessions be performed ?

Sessions vary according to a patient’s needs, and the number of sessions will vary depending on the treatment.
We typically perform three to four 15 to 20 minute sessions, spaced approximately 15 days apart.
The treatment is then typically continued monthly, and spaced out over time.  

Facial Mesotherapy Results

The results of a mesolift can be appreciated from the very first session. Patients report an immediate burst of radiance visible on their skin. 
Patients may experience slight swelling under their lower eyelids after a mesotherapy session to treat dark circles. In some cases, you may also experience localized redness or slight bruising. These side effects generally disappear in six to thirty-six hours. 

Dr. Diacakis, your mesotherapy professional in Paris

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