Liposculpture : Presentation

Liposculpture consists of performing liposuction or lipoaspiration with the intention of reshaping a silhouette and not just removing localised fat deposits.
For this reason, the preoperative drawings, as in sculpture, must simulate the silhouette that we want to obtain, that is to say, represent not only the areas that we want to remove but also the areas that we want to keep in order to respect them during the operation.

Why does liposculpture give definitive results?
To do so, it is important to understand that there are two types of fat:

  • A superficial fat that is easily exchanged during weight variations.
  • A deep fat, storage fat, much more difficult to lose. It is this type of fat that is responsible for the excess fat in the saddlebags, hips, stomach, inner thighs, knees… To lose one kilogram of deep fat you need to lose six kilograms of superficial fat! But once removed, this deep fat is permanently removed and will not come back, even if you gain weight.

It is therefore the latter which is removed during liposculpture, thus allowing a new harmonious and long-lasting silhouette to be redesigned, even in the event of weight gain.

Before the
liposculpture operation

One or two consultations with Doctor Richard Diacakis, plastic surgeon in Paris are compulsory, during which he will give you a consent, an estimate, a prescription of the necessary medicines for before and after the operation and a preoperative check-up that the anaesthetist can complete if necessary.
It is during the consultation that the possibility of drawing the desired silhouette will be discussed and decided upon according to many factors (amount of fat to be removed, skin, blood test…).
Indeed, depending on the amount of fat to be removed and the number of areas to be aspirated, it is often necessary to prescribe iron 10 days before the operation in order to raise the haemoglobin level.

Dr Richard Diacakis will also prescribe a compression girdle or panty that you will have to wear for 1 month. Classically you will wear it day and night for 10 days and then only during the day.

Any medication containing aspirin will be prohibited 15 days before the operation.
It is imperative that you fast (neither eat, drink nor smoke) 6 hours before the operation.

The social security does not cover this aesthetic operation, so no sick leave can be prescribed. It is possible to return to work 8 to 10 days after the operation, so it is important to allow for this period of unavailability. 

The procedure of a
liposculpture operation

Doctor Diacakis, an aesthetic surgeon in Paris, makes drawings on the morning of the operation that you should be able to understand. These are round and rounded buttocks which are most often requested. To do this, you must first draw the outline of the desired buttocks, as in sculpture, and the excess fat located around it to be removed. (cf photos).
If you wish to obtain even more curved and round buttocks, it is possible at the same time to re-inject (filling) some of the fat removed in the buttocks.
Liposculpture consists of introducing a perforated metal cannula through small incisions (2 to 5 mm), hidden in the folds, connected by a tube to a “fat aspirator”.
In order to perform liposculpture, Dr Diacakis, a plastic surgeon in Paris, must perform this operation first on the stomach and then on the back or vice versa depending on what has been planned in consultation. Indeed, even if it lengthens the operating time, turning the patient over during the operation allows to work more precisely and thus to perfect the result.

On the stomach, it is possible to remove the fat from the back (bra), the “V” between the buttocks, the arch, remove the saddlebags, the padding under the buttocks, the back of the inner thighs and the arms.
On the back, it is possible to redraw the belly, the flanks, the breasts, the inner thighs, the front of the thighs, the knees and ankles.
To avoid irregularities, the deep fat should be removed leaving a layer of about one centimetre under the skin.
Cellulite or “orange peel skin” appearance being the reflection of very superficial skin-fat adhesions, liposculpture will not directly improve this aspect.

The panty or elastic girdle is put directly in the operating theatre.
This operation is most often performed under general anaesthesia. The duration is from 2h30 to 3 hours.
The length of hospitalisation is usually one day.

After the
liposculpture operation

The pain is of the “big aches and pains” type, painkillers are prescribed. Preventive anticoagulation is usually prescribed. The panty or girdle is worn (from the feet to the breasts) for 4 to 6 weeks. The aim is to reduce oedemas and thus provide a certain comfort to allow the skin to return to its place in the best possible conditions. It will be worn classically for ten days, day and night and then during the day until the end of the month.
You can leave the next day and return home by taxi or accompanied. The return journey by public transport is prohibited.
It is necessary to plan a rest period of 8 to 10 days after which you can return to work.
Bruises, which are common, will disappear in two to three weeks. Sensitivity problems regress within a few weeks.

There are no threads to remove.
Great fatigue is common during the 8 to 10 days after the operation due to anaemia induced by the operation. Iron supplementation is often prescribed for 10 days after the operation.

Exposure to the sun or UV rays, especially from the orifices, is prohibited for three months, at the risk of “tattooing the micro-incisions” which can remain visible for a very long time.
You will be able to resume a sporting activity 4 to 6 weeks after the operation.
Before 3 to 4 weeks, no change will be visible, this is the time necessary for the oedema to completely disappear.

Result of a liposculpture

The aesthetic result of a liposculpture is only noticed from the first month. It will be really visible after 3 months and will be considered definitive and long-lasting from 6 months, after the oedema has completely disappeared.
In general, the change is such that the satisfaction of the result most often serves as a “trigger” to spontaneously pay much more attention to one’s dietary hygiene and therefore to weight variations.
The aim is to put an end to the interminable weight gain or “yo-yo” which is often the consequence of discouragement in the face of a figure which remains unchanged despite dieting.
Indeed, after liposculpture, it is easier to eat without systematically seeing the slightest excess of food appear on one’s silhouette.This new silhouette will remain for life. Of course, this does not prevent weight gain if you eat too much, but the curves will remain harmonious and will be preserved.
The interest is of course to maintain this silhouette by maintaining a stable weight.

Aesthetic surgery of the buttocks by liposculpture and filling (fat re-injection), which consists of drawing round and harmonious buttocks, is particularly interesting for its results and for its important reference as a sign of beauty and sexual attraction. (cf lipofilling of the buttocks)

The price of a liposculpture

The price of the consultation by Doctor Richard DIACAKIS plastic surgeon in Paris is 100 euros.

The price of the operation depends on many factors which will be defined in consultation after clinical examination.

During the consultation an estimate will be given to you including :

  • The costs of the clinic (operating theatre fees, accommodation in a single room)
  • Surgeon’s fees
  • The anaesthetist’s fees
  • Assistance costs
  • The application of 20% VAT.

Only the first consultation is charged. Dr Richard Diacakis does not charge a fee on all other pre- or post-operative consultations, without any notion of time.

For all cosmetic surgery the patient has a minimum reflection period of 15 days.

The results

Dr. Diacakis, your liposculpture professional in Paris

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