Gynecomastia refers to the abnormal development of the mammary gland in men, most often of undetermined origin. This may give a feminine appearance to a man’s pectoral region, and can have a major psychological and social effect on men.
Breast liposuction is a procedure that allows us to reduce this excess breast volume in men.

Who is breast liposuction intended for?

Gynecomastia is normal during puberty. This procedure should only be considered if the condition persists after puberty by a period of 18 to 24 months and is without identifiable medical cause.
Breast liposuction is intended for men who feel embarrassed by excess breast volume and/or excess thoracic skin that cannot be explained by medical cause. It is intended for men looking to regain a mal aesthetic. The micro incisions (2 to 3mm in length) required for liposuction of the breasts are camouflaged in a fold of skin.

Prior to Breast
Liposuction Treatment

Dr. Richard Diacakis, plastic surgeon in Paris, will receive you at his office for a preoperative consultation. Dr. Diacakis will evaluate your level of discomfort and your expectations and will perform a clinical examination of the thoracic region in order to evaluate the degree of gynecomastia. Dr. Diacakis will then propose a surgical strategy suited to your anatomy and your requests.
In some cases, Dr. Diacakis may prescribe a breast and testicular ultrasound as well as a hormonal blood test to be carried out by an endocrinologist. This mandatory pre-operative check-up is used to rule out medical causes of the gynecomastia.
Dr. Diacakis will also inform you of the positioning of the scars, the procedure of the operation, any risks related to the operation, and what you can expect during the postoperative period, in order to help you make an informed decision.

Breast Liposuction : Procedure

This operation is performed under general anesthesia and on an outpatient basis. Patients are discharged the evening of the operation.
In a vast majority of cases, the procedure consists of a simple liposuction which provides natural and regularized results.
It is rare that we need to surgically remove glandular excess behind the areola and nipple, responsible for areolar protrusion. In rare cases where we do need to remove this excess, the scar is discrete and hidden at the lower edge of the areola.

Post Breast Liposuction Operation

Results of this procedure become appreciable three to six months after the operation, once swelling has disappeared.
Dr. Diacakis will follow up with patients one, three, six, and twelve months after the procedure. Scars from the micro-incisions are nearly invisible by six months after the operation. This includes peri-areolar scars. Breast liposuction is a reliable procedure that provides significant aesthetic results and psychological benefits.
This procedure is moderately painful; Dr. Diacakis will prescribe analgesics. Bruises may appear and persist for two to three weeks after the procedure. Swelling will gradually disappear in the first few months after the surgery.
Patients should plan for a rest period of ten days. You will be prescribed a support garment to be worn for one month, in order to reduce postoperative swelling and promote skin retraction.
Patients may resume daily activities the day after the operation, and professional activities after one to two weeks. Patients may resume sports activities four to six weeks after surgery.

Breast Liposuction Costs

The cost of a consultation for breast liposuction with Dr. Richard DIACAKIS is 100 euros.
The costs of a breast liposuction procedure will be evaluated in consultation and will depend on the technique used and whether the procedure is combined with other liposuction areas, such as the hips or abdomen.


Dr. Diacakis, your gynecomastia professional in Paris

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