The search for a better look involves many aesthetic details, of which the eyebrow is a key element.

The aesthetics of the eyebrow : Presentation

A sad or tired look is often due, with the years, to a drooping eyebrow tail. In addition, the drooping eyebrow causes a feeling of excess skin on the upper eyelid that gives an impression of heaviness.

The eyebrow draws the eye, but also gives character! The eyebrow has a very important role to play in waking up the eye by bringing light to it. It must therefore be high and end with a slightly raised tip to open the eyes. The eyebrow ages like the rest of the face.

The eyebrow is made up of a hairy area located on a “fat pad” on the bony arch of the eyebrow.

The ageing of the eyebrow is subject to three phenomena :

  • The lowering of the eyebrow :
    indeed the “weight of the adipose pad” will distend and weigh down the skin of the eyebrow with time and thus will accompany the fall of the upper eyelid. 
  • The loss of the convex curvature of the eyebrow area by melting of the tissues due to ageing.
  • The ” detachment “, the separation of the eyebrow and the forehead which leaves a hollow above the eyebrow giving a general hollower appearance of the eyes. 
  • The reduction of eyebrow hair. 

Therefore, drooping, sagging, loss of the integrity of the eyebrow with the forehead and with the arch of the eyebrow as well as the loss of hair are the signs of an ageing eyebrow.

Before the eyebrow
aesthetic treatment

A consultation with Dr. Diacakis, an aesthetic surgeon in Paris is necessary before the operation for an aesthetic treatment of the eyebrow. The most important thing is to make a precise analysis of the degree of participation of all the aesthetic zones of the gaze (forehead, eyebrow, eyebrow arch, eyelids, dark circle, temple, lower face) in the alteration of an open and sparkling look. 

Several possibilities exist to raise an eyebrow :

  • An injection of botox at the level of the folds of the crow’s feet and on the tail of the eyebrow makes it possible to erase the wrinkles of the crow’s feet and to raise the tail of the eyebrow very slightly. 
  • An injection of hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid chosen for this indication) will “re-pulp” the eyebrow and thus lift it. Often botox and filler are combined at the same time in order to obtain an optimal result.  It is often associated at the same time with the injection of the temples and the correction of the hollow formed by the detachment of the eyebrow from the forehead. The very natural result is often sufficient and surprising.
  • Absorbable or non-absorbable sutures also allow to obtain a suspension, a more important rise and on demand of the eyebrows, see also of the external edge of the eye (dummy clip). 

The choice of threads and the surgeon’s experience are crucial for the success of this operation. Dr. Diacakis, an aesthetic surgeon in Paris, uses Aptos notched threads.
The temporal lift also allows a harmonious and important raising of the eyebrow as well as the temple and crow’s feet area.
The injection of botulinum toxin (Botox) is contraindicated for patients suffering from myasthenia gravis or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, pregnant or breastfeeding women. 

Smoking cessation is strongly recommended in case of surgery. Any medication containing aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs is prohibited for eight days prior to treatment to prevent the occurrence of small haematomas.
A homeopathic treatment with arnica is started a few days beforehand to minimise the risk of bruising. 

Esthétique du sourcil

Course of the eyebrow
asthetic treatment procedure

After a careful clinical examination of the eyebrow and its region, Dr Diacakis, a plastic surgeon in Paris, will be able to propose you the different interesting solutions in your case and thus choose together the most adapted solution. 

Systematically drawings are made before any intervention.

  • The injection of botulinum toxin (Botox) carried out by Dr Diacakis, a plastic surgeon in Paris at the surgery lasts 10 minutes and the effect appears one week later with a duration of 6 months. Date when the eyebrow returns to the position where it was before.
  • The injection of hyaluronic acid lasts 30 minutes and the effect is immediate. Very often it is necessary at the same time to homogenize the eyebrow with the forehead and to correct a hollow temple. If the right hyaluronic acid is chosen, the effect lasts for several years.
  • Micro lipofilling: this operation takes place in a sterile operating theatre, requiring a short hospitalisation during the day in the clinic. Micro lipofilling is performed as part of a global facial treatment, generally associated with lipofilling of the hollow temples. It is necessary to allow 1 to 2 weeks (haematomas) after the operation. The duration is similar to that of hyaluronic acid.
  • The tensor threads or notched threads, which may or may not be absorbable, require a very light, painless, local anaesthetic performed in the surgery. The result is immediate but the possibility of haematoma for one to two weeks must be anticipated. The effect lasts several years
  • The surgery, temporal lift is only done in the clinic, under local or general anaesthesia. Duration of the operation 1 hour. The incision is hidden in the hair above the ear. The effect is permanent. Haematomas are expected for 10 to 15 days. 
  • The eyebrow hair transplant allows the hairy area of the eyebrow to be re-densified. The hair is most often taken near the nape of the neck because it is finer and grows slower than conventional hair. This operation is based on the ” FUE ” technique. The post-operative effects are simple. The result is definitive after 6 months.
Esthétique du sourcil

After the operation of an aesthetic
treatment of the eyebrows  

In the case of botox or hyaluronic acid injections, pain/burns/stinging, swelling and/or haematomas can sometimes be observed in the first few days after the injection.
For surgical interventions (lipofilling, tensor threads, temporal lifting), it is necessary to allow 1 to 2 weeks for any visible haematomas. 

The aesthetics of the eyebrow : The price

The price depends on the technique chosen. To be defined in consultation, because each case is particular and different both anatomically and in the desire expected by the patient. This can only be precisely defined during the consultation.

The price of the consultation with Dr. Diacakis aesthetic surgeon in Paris for advice on an aesthetic eyebrow operation if no procedure is performed is 100 euros.

This operation is of an aesthetic nature. The aesthetic eyebrow surgery is neither reimbursed by the social security nor by the complementary mutual insurance company. 

During the consultation, you will be given an estimate including : 

  • The costs of the clinic in case of surgery (operating theatre costs, accommodation in a single room).
  • Surgeon’s fees
  • The anaesthetist’s fees in case of surgery
  • Assistance costs
  • The application of 20% VAT.

Only the first consultation is charged. All other pre- or post-operative consultations are free of charge without any notion of time.

For any aesthetic operation the patient has a minimum reflection period of 15 days. 

Doctor Diacakis, your eyebrow aesthetics professional in Paris.

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