We can use beard implants to compensate for areas of the face that lack hair. To perform this procedure, Dr. Richard Diacakis, plastic surgeon in Paris, takes follicles from the scalp, isolates them, and transplants them into patches of the beard lacking in hair.


The objective of this procedure is to reconstruct or add density to the beard or mustache, or to correct alopecia due to scarring. We can harvest follicles in two ways : 

1 : A strip of scalp is removed from the back of the head and cut into grafts of one or two follicles each.  

2 : Follicles are removed using follicular extraction methods. This is performed on a part of the scalp at the back of the head, which is shaved for the procedure. Follicles are removed one by one using forceps and a hollow needle 0.9 mm in diameter. We usually prefer the second technique as it leaves micro-scars which are nearly invisible to the naked eye. It does require a longer intervention, and may take five to six hours, depending on the scale of the procedure. Once we have harvested the follicles, we implant them using a Choi implanter, or one by one into tiny incisions. 


Patients will take a preoperative consultation with Dr. Diacakis, who will provide you with a diagnosis after determining your precise needs and expectations. Together you will establish a diagram of the area in which follicles are to be implanted. Dr. Diacakis will also take photographs during this consultation.


This procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Dr. Diacakis will delineate the area to be treated with a pencil, as well as areas from which hair is to be removed. The operation lasts between five and six hours, depending on the technique chosen and on the scale of the procedure.  


Shampoo and facial cleansings can be performed the day after the procedure. Dr. Diacakis will receive you for a postoperative check-up in the days following the operation.Patients may observe swelling on the face in the 24 to 48 hours following the operation. This will disappear after two to four days. Patients will also experience small crusts, which form on the grafted area but fall off after seven to ten days. 

Patients may find that the skin of the implanted area appears slightly pinkish in the two to three months following the operation. It will return to its natural color. Stems of newly implanted hairs will fall out with the crusts. The implanted follicles will not produce hair during the first three months after surgery. Hair will begin to grow back three to four months after surgery. Final results become visible about twelve months after the operation. Depending on the case, a patient may wish to perform several operations (at least six months apart) to obtain optimal beard density. This is especially the case when the area to be treated is considerably large.  


A consultation for beard grafting with Dr. Richard DIACAKIS is priced at 100 euros. The price of a beard transplant with Dr. Diacakis varies according to a variety of factors, including the scale of the operation, the clinic chosen, services desired, and the cost of any associated procedures.

You will be contacted by your social security or health insurance officer to assess the merits of your application before you are approved for coverage.

During the consultation, you will receive an estimate including : 

  • The cost of the clinic (operating theater fees, accommodation in a single room)
  • Surgeon fees
  • Anaesthetist fees
  • Assistance costs
  • Application of 20% VAT (in cases not covered by social security)

Only the first consultation is charged. Dr. Diacakis does not charge a fee on any other pre- or post-operative consultation. For all cosmetic operations, patients are given a minimum reflection period of fifteen days.

Dr. Diacakis, your beard transplant professional in Paris

If you would like to receive more information about beard grafting, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Diacakis through the contact form.
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